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Women's lifes

Redaction "so simple!" Does not cease to take care of his beloved readers. Today we present to your attention A selection of lifhak, Which will be useful for every woman. Hopefully you will appreciate these tips.

Women's lifhaki

  1. Lining under the bra
    Now you will not have any unpleasant sensations while using this item Women's underwear. Unfortunately, in our spaces pads still do not have such great popularity as abroad, so they can be purchased only in online stores abroad.
    Lifhhaki for a bra
  2. Clean laundry
    Many girls use ignorance a fewConsecutive days the same bra. This is an inexcusable mistake that can lead to the appearance of acne on the skin. Also the similar use of a bra promotes its quick wear.
    Lifhhaki for a bra
  3. Bags for washing bras
    It is necessary to erase this item of the female bottomLinen only in special pouches. So you will not only retain the excellent appearance of your bras, but also protect the drum of the washing machine from minor damage.
    How to wear a bra
  4. Drying for greenery
    If you have such a cunning in the binsDevice, boldly use it for washing bras. Adding a little baby shampoo, make a few turns, so you carefully clean all the dirt and do not deform the laundry.
    How to wear a bra
  5. Holder for strapless.
    So that you do not have problems with eternally falling straps, use special holders.
    Ideas for a classic interior

    How to wear a bra
  6. Fabric lining
    If the bones of a bra mercilessly press and dig into the body, you need to sew small fabric lining.
    Lifhhaki for a bra
  7. Silicone pads
    Often many women deny themselves the pleasure of wearing frank clothing because of the lack of a suitable bra. With such a device you can wear dresses even with the Deep decollete!!
    How to wear a bra without straps
  8. Additional fixation
    With the help of this trick you can wear Strapless bra!! Use one of the strapless as an additional fixer. Just wrap it around your chest and gently hook the hooks.
    How to wear a bra without straps
  9. Plastic clamp
    Use this device so that straps do not look out from under the clothes.
    How to wear a bra without straps
  10. Brassiere for deep cut
    If you are a lover of dresses with an open back, you just need to buy such an item of women's underwear.
    Lifhhaki for a bra
  11. Bra model "deep bow"
    For those who adore attire with a deep neckline!
    Lifhhaki for a bra

Share with your girlfriends these useful ideas, and also do not forget to learn some more indispensable lifhhakov with clothes!