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Universal detergent

Natural Cleaning products Are gaining popularity all over the world. Refusing aggressive synthetic means, the housewives prefer to replace them with natural ingredients. Baking soda, vinegar and lemon can be found in almost every home.

"so simple!" Draws your attention to another product,Which deserves an honorable place on the shelf. This is borax or sodium tetraborate. The range of application of this mineral is so wide that it will become a true helper for you and your loved ones.

Universal detergent

Borax has bactericidal properties, it can also be used as a bleaching and cleansing agent.

  1. Universal cleaning agent
    Mix borax with baking soda and lemon juice untilThe state of the paste - and a universal cleaner for cleaning utensils, sinks and other stainless steel items is ready. This paste can be frozen in forms for ice and get tablets for washing dishes.
    Borax in the household
  2. air freshener
    The recipe for a freshener is simple: 0.5 cups of borax should be mixed with 400 ml of water and add 10 drops of your favorite aromatic oil.
    Borax at home
  3. Odor neutralizer
    Such a freshener is perfect for neutralizing unpleasant odors from animals and in the kitchen.
    Boric acid solution
  4. Universal detergent
    The borax is added to detergent and soap to soften water and regulate alkalinity of synthetic agents. In addition, it is an excellent whitening agent.
    Boric acid powder
  5. Anti-mold agent
    Treat the corners with borax solution and other places that are covered with mold, and you will forget about this problem.
    Boric acid application
  6. Toilet cleaner
    Pour a bit of borax into the toilet, leave it for the night, and in the morning, wash it off.
    Boric acid borax
  7. Insect and rodent remedy
    The drill is part of a variety of tools fromOf insects. You can make it yourself at home. It is enough to mix the borax with warm water and sugar and spray it in places of insects accumulation. Rodents also do not like boric acid and will avoid places where they feel it.
    Boric acid from cockroaches
  8. Top dressing for trees
    Pouring every three years a borer around the trees, you will fertilize the plants and stimulate their growth. The result will pleasantly surprise you.
    Boric acid fighting with ants
  9. Weed killer
    Now do not look for expensive means against weeds. It is enough to mix the borax with water in a proportion of 3: 10 and spray neatly near the weeds, without affecting the beloved plants.
    Boric acid for plants
  10. Car cleaner
    The borax solution is great for cleaning the car's interior.
    Boric acid in the country

There are a lot of waysApplication of borax, which you will be surprised. After all this means it is possible to clean cushions, musical instruments and even combs! In addition, with its help you can create clever plasticine for the child.

Now for cleaning the house I use it Universal remedy, Because it is effective and does not cause allergies.

And you already know how you will use the borax?