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Bed of pallets

Pallets are a universal material that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Today our editorial board will share with you unique ideas on Making beds From pallets.

Bed from pallets

  1. Make such a headboard will not be difficult, it is enough to disassemble a few pallets and paint the boards in different colors.
    Bed from pallets photo
  2. The body of the bed and lamella can be made from ordinary pallets.
    Bed from pallets photo
  3. An excellent option for fans of space saving will be a bed with a high base. So you will get an extra bed for storing sleeping accessories.
    A bed of wooden pallets
  4. For those who are tired of the usual Design of the bed, We have prepared a terrific version - a hanging box!
    Bed from pallets photo
  5. Here the effect of weightlessness is achieved through special fastening. For today the bed, as if soaring in the air, is the most fashionable attribute Modern bedroom.
    A bed of wooden pallets
  6. This variant of the bed is also designed for space saving lovers, but, to be honest, this place is not very suitable for storing shoes. It is better to put books or bed linens there.
    Bed of wooden pallets
  7. From the pallets can make a huge stepped bed, which will become an indispensable element of home theater.
    Beds from wooden pallets
  8. Also from these designs it is possible to make a small corner for friendly gatherings.
    Beds from wooden pallets
  9. You can put LED light bulbs inside the pallets, they will create the effect of a glowing bed.
    Bed of wooden pallets with lighting

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