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From egg trays

A man in love with creativity can sometimes create unthinkable things. For example, use cardboard Egg boxes In the most unexpected way! I would never have thought of this ... see how many bright ideas there are. They are captivated by their simplicity!

What to make of egg trays

  1. Ideal fixer for various bottles in the refrigerator. For those who love order!
    Crafts from egg trays
  2. Is elegant Volumetric application!! You need to do with the baby.
    Crafts from egg trays
  3. Idea for a festive decoration of a house or a party.
    Crafts from egg trays
  4. This decor of the tray is quite suitable for serving fruits!
    Crafts from egg trays photo
  5. Set of needlewomen in the cells for eggs. How cute it is!
    Crafts from paper trays for eggs
  6. Bird feeder.
    Crafts from paper trays for eggs
  7. Cardboard trays will fit to create an improvised bed on a window sill or balcony. You can plant a lot of small plants - and green onion, and basil!
    What to do from egg trays
  8. Original candles In the eggshell!
    Cardboard trays for eggs
  9. No child will pass by such an idea ...
    From egg trays
  10. So you can store the thread: everything is in its place.
    What to make of trays
  11. Even an evolving game can be done with the help of a tray!
    Products from trays for eggs
  12. Packing for sweets, which will definitely surprise ...
    Crafts from cardboard trays
  13. Ingenuating, is not it?
    Cells for eggs
  14. Small sections of trays will allow storing small items in boxes in perfect order.
    Cardboard trays for eggs
  15. An ottoman for a cat! A medal to the one who invented it ...
    Cardboard trays photo

Trays for eggs - a chic material for crafts! Tell us in the comments what idea struck you the most.