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Dishes from tuna

Every morning many of us ask ourselves: What to cook for breakfast? Often we hastily cook an omelet or an omelette and run to work. Redaction "so simple!" Cares about his readers, so he shares an unusual selection of dishes from tuna.

Canned tuna - a real storehouse of useful substances! If unexpected guests come to you, open a jar of tuna and surprise everyone with a delicious dish.

Dishes of tuna

  1. Rolls with tuna
    Wrap the canned tuna fillet in the pita bread and fry the rolls in a frying pan. In just 5 minutes you will get a delicious dish.
    Dishes of tuna canned
  2. Tomatoes stuffed with tuna and pasta
    Mix the tuna fillet with the ready-made pasta, it is better to use a small-sized macaroni. Then stuff this mixture with fresh tomatoes.
    Dishes of tuna canned
  3. Tuna in batter
    Finely chop zucchini or eggplants and mix them withCanned tuna. Then form small cakes and dab each into flour. Beat a few eggs with a fork, then pop each cake into the egg mixture and fry in the pan.
    Dishes of tuna canned
  4. Potato with tuna
    Boiled potatoes are simply amazingly combined with canned tuna.
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  5. Omelette with vegetables and tuna
    Prepare the egg mixture for an omelet. Then finely chop your favorite vegetables and mix them with canned tuna. Add the egg mixture to the vegetables and cook the omelette in a frying pan for 10-15 minutes.
    Dishes of tuna canned with a photo
  6. Pancakes with tuna
    Thin pancakes stuffed with canned tuna will be your favorite dish for breakfast.
    Dishes of tuna canned with a photo
  7. Salad of pasta and tuna
    With this dish you can endlessly experiment, adding your favorite ingredients.
    Dishes of tuna canned with a photo
  8. Eggplant rolls with tuna
    Such an appetizer can decorate even the most refined and solemn table. Do not forget to cook homemade mayonnaise for her, he will emphasize the piquant taste of eggplant.
    Dishes of tuna canned with a photo

  9. Sandwiches with tuna
    In case there is absolutely no time, take some bread and a can of canned tuna to work.
    Dishes of tuna canned with a photo

  10. Pate of tuna
    To make unusual sandwiches with fish paste, carefully chop the pieces of tuna into a blender.
    Dishes of tuna canned with a photo

Agree, canned tuna is a godsend forThose who do not like to bother with cooking! Do not forget to tell about these dishes to your friends, and also learn how to make a salad with tuna "nice".