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Bathroom fixtures

Say that laziness is the engine of progress. But we are convinced that creativity and the desire for comfort are driven by progress no less. and these Bathroom accessories The rooms show that this is indeed the case.

Which only man does not come up with for his comfort, to live became easier, more interesting and more fun. And when it comes to the bathroom, imagination has no limit!

"so simple!" Picked up the most original bathroom accessories.

Bathroom fixtures

  1. Water temperature regulator. Agree, this is a dream.
    Bathroom and toilet accessories
  2. Shaving step. Something that has always been lacking.
    Bathroom fixtures
  3. Air freshener, built in the toilet. It's brilliant!
    Interesting bathroom fixtures
  4. Device for complete extrusion of toothpaste. Sparingly and comfortably!
    Bathroom fixtures
  5. Waterproof speaker for music lovers. Music fans will appreciate it!
    Bathroom accessories
  6. Device for cleaning the mirror. Finally it appeared!
    Bathroom accessories mirror
  7. Nozzle on the shower in the form of a darth wader head. Lovers of "Star Wars" will definitely appreciate!
    Bathroom accessories without drilling
  8. A bathtub plug and a hair collector - 2 in 1!
    Bathroom accessories design
  9. The holder for a hair dryer. The person who invented it, it is necessary to thank!
  10. The original dispenser for liquid soap. Practical and convenient!
    Bathroom accessories
  11. A bathroom tile that glows in the dark. Romantic and unusual!
    Bathroom accessories cheap
  12. Luminous toilet band. Now you can find a hole without turning on the light!
    Bathroom and toilet accessories

These ingenious inventions will make staying in the bathroom even more pleasant and comfortable. So enjoy it, but do not forget the time.

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