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Moss in flowerpots

houseplants Not only add a home of coziness, but increaseOxygen content in the room. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the plant begins to wither for inexplicable reasons, no matter how diligently you water it ...

Pests of houseplants

The cause of this can be small pests, midges, which are difficult to see with the naked eye.

Midges in flowerpots

Midges in flowerpots

Fortunately, there is one simple trick that will allow you to quickly To get rid of midges in flower pots. To perform it, only a fewUsual matches! Stick their heads in the ground at a distance of 5 cm from the edge of the pot, flower fields. Through 2 for a match replace by others, and after 2 more days the midges completely disappear.


Now it is not necessary to water the vase with insecticides! Phosphorus and sulfur, contained in the mixture for match heads, seep into the soil and reliably relieve the plant from uninvited guests.

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