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Gift to your beloved woman

Women often complain about lack ofThe side of the beloved man. Complain, in particular, that they rarely receive gifts. And in fact so it would be desirable, that surprises were as often as possible and without an occasion. Due to lack of attention, many female representatives attribute negative qualities to their men.

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Women believe that the elect does not value them, notLoves, regrets to spend an extra penny, is not taught good manners. In fact, everything is not so. In order to often receive gifts from a beloved man, it is enough to know a few secrets.

Gift to your beloved woman

  1. The more you give, the more you will receive
    Try to give your man as much as possibleAttention, and he will appreciate it. Take care in the form of a delicious dinner, ironed shirt, relaxing massage after a hard working day. A man will have a desire to thank you Best gift.
  2. Do not keep silent about your experiences
    Unfortunately, men have not yet learned to read minds. If you think that a loved one bathes in your attention, but does not respond with gratitude, tell him about it.
  3. Thank you for your concern.
    You need to show your emotions and thank the man.For every manifestation of care. Be sure to emphasize the positive qualities of your choice: "I am very pleased, you are the most attentive man in the world!"
  4. Point to the benefits
    Men often do not understand why a womanNeed twenty-fifth pair of shoes. Any representative of the stronger sex wants to understand what will be his benefits from the purchase. It should be explained that it is in these shoes that you will look irresistible, and your chosen one will be proud that such a luxurious woman is going along with him.

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