/ How to use lemons

How to use lemons

Our advice will be useful to any smart hostess. Cleaning the house with a lemon - a brilliant solution! It is inexpensive, in comparison with special household chemistry, and it is absolutely safe for health. At such cleaning it is not necessary to breathe harmful chemical evaporation and to spoil health!

How to use lemons

Do not rush out squeezed lemon!! Not only lemon juice, pulp and lemon peel will also help to set the perfect order in the house: it will be cleaner than in the operating room.

Rust removal

If it is necessary to remove rust from a knife, hammer or any other metal surface, boldly use lemon.
Rub the soiled surface with ordinary salt, mixed with lemon juice: everything will shine.

How can you use lemon

For more complex and old Rust spots Apply the recipe shown in this video! If you squeeze fresh lemon juice and mix it with soda, you will get a remedy that corrodes even stale dirt. Apply the gruel to the metal, leave it for a short while for an active action, then rub the surface with a paper towel. Great result! I cleaned all the cutlery so they sparkle ...

Polished wooden floor

can To use lemon juice For polishing wooden floors! Mix 2 parts of olive oil and 1 part of lemon juice, spray on the floor and rub the mixture with a rag. The floor will look like new.

How to use whole lemon

Lemon with sore throat

I knew before that a lemon helps to overcome a cold: because there is so much vitamin C in it! But that the lemon juice perfectly softens the throat and relieves inflammation in the angina, I heard for the first time.

Fry half of the lemon over the fire and let it cool. Squeeze the juice and mix it with 1 tbsp. L. Honey. The prepared product will act no worse than tablets to soften the throat from the pharmacy!

How to use lemon

These tricks helped me more than once, I hope theyWill help you. Non-standard application of ordinary things is what makes our life interesting and better! Share these little secrets with your friends.