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Secrets of youth

Do you think that since you are getting older, then life is going to decline? As it were not so!

You can improve memory and health, realize an old dream - yes much more ... tips from books Publishing myth Help stop the time and start a new life at any age!

It is especially difficult to accept your aging for women: It seems that you just held your first child in your arms, and you are already nursing grandchildren! It's good that wisdom acquired over the years will help to feel happy even with gray hair in your hair ...

How to stay young after 40

Secrets of youth

  1. do something!
    There has already been a lot of activity about activity, but for sure youYou do not know that physical exercises improve memory, attention and ability to think clearly, because they increase the speed with which our brain processes information, and also ... increase the brain itself in volume!
    How to stay young after 40
  2. Eat more plant food
    Scientists have proved: those who eat fresh vegetables, cereals, greens and fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner, are less likely to get sick. A completely vegetable diet can even stop cancer! One The woman remained young For many years, just switching to special food. Why do not you try?
    How to stay young after 30
  3. More communication!
    The society of other people is very important. Scientists have proved: the cognitive abilities of men living alone are deteriorating over the years.

    But those people who like to chat with their neighborsAnd friends, on the contrary, can boast of wonderful mental and, as a rule, also physical state of health - guests have to walk a bit further, and this is a walk that replenishes the "moneybox".

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  4. Your face is not your soul!
    Time changes your face, of course. When it starts to seem (let's admit, there are such periods for everyone), that the person in the mirror belongs to someone else, there is a feeling that the person has changed too. But what is inside is not at all gone and will never go away. remember this!
    How to stay young and beautiful after 30
  5. Take the challenges of life
    New impressions, entertainment and intellectual tasks (even such simple ones as the solution of scanwords) stimulate brain work.
    How to stay young always
  6. Any event is an experience
    Become a habit to consider everything that happens to you, as a valuable life lesson. Years of experience provided you with language and feelings, knowledge and skills, strength and memories.

    In you live all the people that you used to be. It all sounds like piano keys, ready to sound if you have a melody. Do not forget about how much your life's wealth! And each new event adds more. And it's great.

    How to stay young and beautiful

  7. Drive the fear away and take up the hobby
    Never be afraid of the fact that there is little time left, or something you will not have time in life. Fear makes time run even faster, because we are anxious all day.

    Instead of bumping into the TV,Invent, write novels, draw pictures, go to a culinary master class - fill the days with what you have always dreamed of. Then fear will disappear, and everything will change. Will expand not only the current time, but also the future will open again, because you will wait for it, and not turn away from the future in a panic.

    You will be pleasantly surprised that the life choice is not limited over the years, but on the contrary - is expanding. Incredible opportunities open before you. So use them to the fullest!

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Stay always the same Beautiful! Even more valuable advice - in the books "better late than never" and "brain retired."