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Treatment of otitis media folk remedies

otitis - inflammatory ear disease associated withInfection. Often the disease manifests itself in the form of severe ear pain, fever, temporary hearing loss. Today our editors will share with you an effective method of treatment of catarrhal (acute inflammatory) otitis, which occurs in 50% of clinical cases. For treatment of purulent otitis doctors often use strong antibiotics.

With catarrhal otitis, the mucosa of the earInflammation, resulting in reduced lumen, and this is an excellent stimulus for the further development of infection. Often patients feel severe pain when pressing on a tragus - a small cartilaginous protrusion on the outer ear. Also, if you sneeze, swallow, or cough, the pain passes into the teeth or the temporal region.

Otitis treatment with folk remedies

Otitis treatment with folk remedies

You will need

  • 2-3 kernels of a walnut
  • Press for garlic
  • Blue lamp (mini reflector) or pouches with hot salt

Put the walnut kernel in the garlic press andSqueeze a small amount of peanut butter. Before you put oil in your ear, you should warm up the sore spot with a blue lamp (mini reflector) or bags with hot salt for 5-10 minutes.

In any case, you can not warm your ear if it starts to puke out. So you can only hurt by spreading the infection. Heating compresses will be useful only when there are Symptoms of otitis, But there is no suppuration.

Follow the procedure should be 3-4 times a day. After heating, it is necessary to drip 2-3 drops of peanut butter into each ear. It is impossible to do this procedure in the presence of high temperature, severe dizziness, and disorientation in space.

It should be understood that this method helps to remove the symptoms of a very serious illness. Even if you have got rid of severe pain, you need to visit a doctor-otolaryngologist.

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