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Properties of rice

Under the feet of the newlyweds throw rice to their life was a full cup. More than half the population of our planet eats grains of this plant, and we know about it quite a bit!

Rice Extremely demanding on growing conditions. But whimsicality can be forgiven, because the extraordinary ways of applying rice more than justify the costs of its cultivation! For example, if you put unripe fruits in rice, they will ripen very quickly: I always do this with apricots.

Each of these ideas I wanted to check at once, it's painful they are tempting ...

Absorbing properties of rice

Properties of rice

  1. Decorative knife holder
    Vertical transparent container and rice groats -All you need to create a comfortable knife stand. Rice perfectly absorbs moisture, so with such storage, the knives do not exactly rust and mold, as sometimes happens when using wooden stands.
    Absorbing properties of rice
  2. Cleaning dishes with hard-to-wash zones
    A teapot with a narrow spout is not so easy to clean up to the ideal condition! It's good that there is this simple lifhook.

    Mound in the brewer 1 tsp. Rice, add a few drops of detergent and hot water. Close the teapot with a lid and the hole in the nose with a finger. Shake the water and rice in the kettle for 1 minute. After this magic procedure, the raid from tea will disappear completely!

    How to use rice

  3. Saving a drowned phone
    If yours The phone fell into the water Or other liquid, immediately place it in theContainer with dry rice! Pre-wipe the phone from the top, get out of it a sim card and memory card, battery. Leave poor thing for 24 hours in rice, and you will save your favorite gadget! This is one of the most effective ways.
    Biological properties of rice
  4. Baking of sand base for pie
    With rice it's very easy to cook perfect Base for pie!! Place the dough in a mold, cover it with parchment, pour rice into the cavity so that it completely fills the mold. Bake a sandy base as usual. Thanks to this method the dough will be well baked!

    After this procedure, pour the rice into a separate jar to continue using it to bake open pies: you can not cook any such cereal from the porridge.

    All properties of rice

  5. air freshener
    From rice can make a wonderful Toilet freshener Or a bathroom. Take half a glass of rice cereal and drip about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil there. Mix the seeds.

    Over time, the aroma may become slightly weaker: Do not forget to periodically shake the mini freshener! I like that you can pick up any flavor to your liking. I prefer cinnamon essential oil ...

    Properties and benefits of rice

  6. Checking the oil temperature in the frying pan
    Drop on Frying pan with butter Approximately 5 rice. If they drown, the oil is still cold. If the rice pops up and starts bubbling, it means that the oil is warmed to the right temperature and you can start baking! Ingenious way, no splashes.
    How to use rice
  7. Protection against rust
    Rice perfectly protects tools from rust,Absorbing excess moisture. Screwdrivers, hammer, pliers - everything will be intact and safe, it's only necessary to fill the tin with rice and put the tools there.
    How to apply rice
  8. Cleaning the coffee mill
    Everyone who has ever grinded coffee beans in his life,Noticed that oily traces on the surface of the grinder are difficult to remove. But even here the rice will help! Just grind a small amount of it into flour, and the coffee grinder will become like a new one.
    Rice application photo
  9. Pillow warmer
    Pillow with rice will replace the heating pad! You just need to warm it up in the microwave for 1 minute. Excellent for warming up damaged ligaments, chilled places, for fast warming of cold bed.
    Lifhaki with rice
  10. Toy for pets
    From dense thick fabric it is possible to sew fineA toy for a pet, and rice is the best filler. Such entertainment is exactly like your pet. If in the toy for the cat add a little dried catnip, he will be completely ecstatic ...
    Useful lifhaki with rice
  11. Maraca filler
    Look, this is the perfect rattle! Two plastic spoons, an empty container of "kinder-surprise", an adhesive tape, a little rice - that's all, a maraca toy is ready. Will do by all means!
    How to use rice

Benefit of rice Not only in its nutritional properties, this product helps literally at every step! Tell friends about these tricks, I'm sure they will appreciate them.