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Strange lifes

The Internet is full of all sorts of tricks and tricks, which, in theory, should make life much easier. "so simple!" Gathered those home-lovers for the house, for the test of which you should not waste your time and energy. Do not work and point.

Strange lifhaki

  1. Wet wipe placed in the ventHole, for a pleasant smell in the house. Looks. Of course, it is promising, but only those who came up with this lifhak did not take into account that the vent hole draws air from the room, and not vice versa.
    Wet wipe in ventilation
  2. And do not poke a lemon drop into the dishwasherMachine for the shine of dishes: nothing supernatural will happen even if you put a whole lemon there! But after washing, wipe the plates with a weakly acid solution - it does not hurt.
  3. A truck for shining surfaces in the kitchen - it's generally something with something! This product is toxic and it does not have a place in the kitchen.
    Stain-proof car wash
  4. Traces of the iron will not go away anywhere if you rub them with cornstarch, but using a stain remover immediately after the incident can save a thing.
    Stain from iron
  5. If you rub the cutting board with lemon and salt, you can get rid of only small dirt, but the stale traces are unlikely.
    How to clean a kitchen board
  6. Contrary to popular opinion, a spoon on a saucepan will not save milk from boiling. Her blow against the stove will only be a sign that the milk has already "escaped".
    Spoon from boiling up the liquid
  7. To pour the rinse aid into the washing machine to clean it is a useless and costly undertaking. Use the usual vinegar!
    Mouthwash in the washing machine
  8. Yes, once with hairspray could be removedStains from ink. Then even in the composition of this cosmetic product was alcohol. But now the producers take care of the safety of our hair and alcohol in the varnish do not add ...
    Hairspray from stains
  9. No saline solution will prevent the washout of the dye from the fabric, if the latter is not dyed properly.
    Salt for preserving the color of things
  10. As soon as the "Coca-Cola" is not used to use! But is it not easier to buy an ordinary cleaning agent (worth it, by the way, as a bottle of soda), in order to clean and sanitize the bathroom in a human way ?!
    Coca-Cola in the toilet bowl

Yes, not always popular "tricks" for cleaning justify the expectations assigned to them ... this article should be exactly shown to friends, so they do not want to waste their time!