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Consequences of a tick bite

We all, of course, do not have a shower in our pets. How difficult it is to resist this praying gaze of the bottomless eyes, when four-legged ask to put them to bed!

Mournful look of a dog

But, before you once again go to the cunning on the occasion, read the article on "so simple!"To protect themselves and not jeopardize the health of their children.

The fact is that with the arrival of heat, mites begin to wake up and go hunting. Our pets on a walk are easy prey for them. mite Fixed on a blade of grass and freezes in a waiting attitude, stretching the front legs, which it is easily fixed on the animal's fur.

Tick-borne Encephalitis

Even if you regularly spend preventive antiparasitic treatment of the pet (drops, sprays) and use Collar of fleas and ticks, The animal can bring parasites into the house. It is especially difficult to notice small individuals hiding in thick wool.

Consequences of a tick bite

Ticks are carriers of diseases such as Tick-borne encephalitis, Borreliosis (lyme disease), typhus and other infections that are especially dangerous. So always be on the alert!

Consequences of a tick bite

Carefully inspect a four-legged friend afterEvery walk. Palpate the skin in the area of ​​the axilla, on the neck, behind the ears, in places where the skin is particularly tender. Because of the action of insecticides mite may not stick, but to fall to the floor and then walk around the house - quite. Imagine for a minute that it can get into your bed or your baby's bed ...

For your safety, for hygiene and discipline, take care of the arrangement of a comfortable lounger for the pet. And do not forget to tell your friends about the article!