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Combination of products

Proper nutrition is the guarantee of health. power Assimilation of nutrients Depends not only on the food itself, but also on their combination.

Increase the use of food products with their perfect combination. "so simple!" Offers you examples of the most harmonious and healthy combination of food!

Combination of products

  1. Tomatoes + eggs (eggs and onions) = eternal youth
    Fried eggs with onions and tomatoes - deliciousA remedy for aging. Tomatoes and onions are rich in selenium, and eggs and vegetable oil - vitamin E. The combination of these products in one dish will suspend the aging process of the body.

    Do not forget to remove the pan from the plate in time to save all the useful substances.

    Combination of foods with proper nutrition

  2. Tomatoes + vegetable oil = youthful skin
    antioxidant Lycopene, Which is found in tomatoes, in combination with vegetable fats will prevent skin aging.

    These products perfectly harmonize in the salad caprese, bruschette. Vegetable oil can be safely replaced with olives.

  3. Avocado + spinach = excellent vision
    Spinach is rich in lutein and vitamin A, avocado - fats, which contribute to the dissolution of these nutrients. Together these products will take care of your vision.
    Combination of food
  4. Chicken + carrots = strong immunity
    Carrots - a storehouse of vitamin A, chicken contains a lot of zinc. Together they are great at fighting infections. With the flu you will not find a better medicine than a chicken broth with carrots.
  5. Beef + red wine = longevity
    This combination promotes less absorption of cholesterol, which enters the body together with meat.
  6. Salmon + a glass of red wine = off of depression
    Polyphenols of wine and omega-3 fatty acids of a salmon will make a skin smooth, will prolong youth and will relieve of depression.
  7. Yoghurt + crushed flax seeds = excellent digestion
    Yoghurts are rich in probiotics, and flax seeds - prebiotics, the interaction of those and others helps restore balance in the digestive system. Add a spoonful of chopped sunflower seeds into yogurt!
    Combination of products in cooking
  8. Oatmeal + apples = blood vessels and heart in excellent shape
    Beta-glucan and oat groats aventramids - the best protection of blood vessels against cholesterol. Flavonoids of fresh apple protect the body from free radicals.

    It is recommended to drink these products with orange juice.

  9. Green tea + lemon = cancer prevention
    Catechins of green tea inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Lemon juice promotes better absorption of these organic substances.
  10. Apples + chocolate = health and joy
    Anti-inflammatory apple quercetin and chocolate catechins reduce the possibility of thrombosis, contribute to the improvement of the cardiovascular system.

    A combination of apples and chocolate fondue will amaze everyone! Do not peel apples: there are a lot of useful substances in it.

    How to eat properly

Perhaps, make a menu for a week, given this information. Share with your friends the secrets of proper nutrition, they will be grateful!