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How to find a husband

Female loneliness - actual topic. What to do to a woman who has never been married? How to cope with the fear of intimate relationships? How to get married, if you already have a child or even a few? It is worth mentioning this topic in the women's company, and will immediately begin ...

While all seek to find their soul mate and get married as soon as possible, Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky Argues that such a desire clearly indicates a neurotic disorder! Interesting, is not it?

How to find a husband

How to find a husband

Mikhail Labkovsky is convinced that if a womanFeels lonely, then she has no interest in herself, and since childhood. This is the problem - a person uncomfortable alone with himself, and he wants to find a partner who will fill this terrible emptiness.

The first thing that such a searcher of her husband should understand is her story is not about unhappy love. She is not alone. The fact that she can not marry is not true. She is a neurotic who, by virtue of neurotic circumstances, feels herself as it formulates.

It clings to some obstacles: That is not good enough or too good, that the country has a difficult demographic situation and so on. The reason is its internal state, which in some cases does not even presuppose a family life.

Pledge of a happy family life, Marriage and sex with one partner in only one- in a stable psyche. Not concessions, not compromises - this is all a direct road to a cardiologist or an oncologist. When a person has a stable psyche, he can live with one partner for life. And love him alone.

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How to find your love - that's the question that can bother. A healthy person does not want to get married. This is the same as the desire to have a doll on the hood, veil and the rest of the shit. In healthy people, the situation looks a little different. First - they have a need to love. With this need to love they find a man who loves them.

As the source claims, for a successful marriage, you do not need to take extraordinary measures! All you have to do is just be yourself. It's enough. And love in principle only for it.

Tell me in the comments that you think about the opinion of an authoritative psychologist! It will be very interesting to know your story ...