/ How to choose caviar

How to choose caviar

Do you think this is real red caviar? I also thought so ... it turns out, often for furious money we buy a fake.

How to choose caviar It is important to know any mistress. Why spend solid amounts on the purchase of a poor-quality product and then feed them a family? A few effective tips will help you avoid an annoying mistake!

Real red caviar pictures

How to choose red caviar

  1. A can of caviar should have a tightly closed lid, in no case swollen. The inscriptions on the original are squeezed from inside the cover. If the inscriptions are extruded from the outside, do not buy this caviar!
    Red caviar
  2. Study the composition indicated on the package. In the bank should be the caviar itself, in extreme cases, vegetable oil and salt.
    Real red caviar pictures
  3. If the composition contains glycerin (e400), sorbic acid (e200) and urotropine (e239), it is worth noting the purchase of stuffed delicacy with chemistry. These additives prevent the eggs from drying out.
    How to determine the true red caviar or not
  4. If you pour poor-quality eggs with boiling water, it will color the water in a bright color. Real red caviar Behaves differently. With real eggs nothing will happen - they can only become a little pale.
    Real red caviar
  5. Should choose caviar, packed in glass jars. Through the glass it is easy to see what the eggs look like: they must be beautiful in the same shape. Eggs should fill the jar tightly!

    Usually caviar fishermen get in July-August, it is necessary to consider it, buying a product. If the product was packed in other months, it is not in its favor!

    Red caviar pictures

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