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Tiger balm

Coming to Thailand, every tourist is simply obliged to buy a jar A universal therapeutic agent, Which relieves headache, fatigue, inflammation, and also helps with colds.

Thai balsams - a unique product that is recognized throughoutWorld and is considered one of the most effective. Today we will tell about a unique remedy called "tiger balm". It is very reminiscent of the composition of the famous Vietnamese drug "star", but it has a more powerful effect.

Tiger balm for what

"Tiger balm"

  1. From insect bites
    A small amount of this remedy will help relieve redness, pain and itching caused by insect bites. Balsam is also used as a repellent repelling mosquitoes.
  2. With pain in the joints
    After heavy physical exertion many peopleFeel a strong pain in the joints. Thanks to the warming effect, grinding "tiger balm" can remove inflammation in the shortest possible time. To achieve maximum effect at the end of the procedure, a warming bandage should be applied. The procedure must be done no more than 4 times a day.
  3. From stains of paint on the skin
    Very few people know that with the help of this remedy you can remove the ink stuck in the skin. Now you do not need turpentine!
  4. With a cold and sore throat
    At the first signs of a cold or orz, immediately put "tiger balm" on the wings of the nose, nose and neck. Also at night, you need to rub the chest with this balm.
  5. From headache
    It is necessary to apply the remedy to the area of ​​the temples and forehead, then lie down for 30 minutes and try to relax.
  6. With impaired blood circulation
    Many of us, especially in winter, often freezelegs. Often the cold very quickly makes its way through the winter shoes, and the feet freeze so much that sometimes they do not feel the fingers. To avoid this situation, you should thoroughly rub your feet with a balm before going out. "Tiger Balm" has a warming effect and improves blood circulation.

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