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Quality perfume

It is simply amazing how large the counterfeit cosmetic products are today! a perfumery Is in this list in the first place, which is not surprising, because a good perfume - the weakness of almost every representative of the fair sex.

Fake perfume

even The acquisition of spirits In the kiosk at the stop - not for you, it is worth knowing,How to distinguish a noble original from a pale replica, because you can face fake now, even in large stores, not to mention the orders on the Internet.

Quality perfume

  1. Cellophane wrapper
    Cellophane, which wrapped a box of perfume, should be tightly stretched, do not lag and do not frown on the seams. By the way, the seams of the package should not contain traces of glue and be wider than 5 mm.
    How to distinguish a fake perfume
  2. Cardboard inside the package
    Manufacturers of original perfumes do not saveOn the package: as a rule, they put in the box an additional cardboard structure, which must protect the bottle from loosening and damage.
    How to distinguish a fake perfume
  3. Labels on the package
    For example, the ecology label for the package (two arrows forming a circle) should look correct: the dark arrow on top. All printing must also be done qualitatively.
    How to distinguish a fake perfume
  4. design
    Manufacturers of fakes try to make their ownProduct looks like the original, but in order to avoid litigation, they can change the letters in places, slightly modify the logo and so on ... be careful!
    How to distinguish a fake perfume
  5. cap
    The lid of the original perfume is perfectly symmetrical (if the design does not imply any other) with a qualitatively printed pattern. It should sit well on the neck and do not hang out.
    How to distinguish a fake perfume
  6. serial number
    The serial number printed (not pasted!) On the bottle must match the number on the cardboard box.
    How to distinguish a fake perfume
  7. glass
    This, as they say, aerobatics. The one who at least once held a bottle of quality perfume in his hands, they will understand me! Glass should not contain air bubbles and surface irregularities. The seams should be neat and of equal thickness.
    How to distinguish a fake perfume

And one more tip from "so simple!", Which will allow Determine the authenticity of spirits, But this test can be done at home. Put a bottle of perfume for a while in the refrigerator: if the liquid becomes cloudy, unfortunately, you are holding a fake in your hands ...

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