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Lack of style

Evelina Khromchenko is an expert in fashion, a leading TV program "fashionable sentence" and just an amazing woman. Her advice helped many to find not only a sense of style, but also self-confidence!

"A woman can be anything, the main thing is to remember that she is not fat, but appetizing, not long, but stately, not skinny, but slim, not short, but miniature. You need to appreciate what God has given you. "

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Evelyn argues that fashion is for everyone. Fashionable style of clothes - this is a pass to the world of completely different sensations!

With a new way life changes. Stylish hairstyle, exquisite makeup and impeccably matched clothes radically changed the fate of many women! They began to love themselves, lost weight, received the attention of the desired men. It is worth learning about some mistakes that spoil the female image, so as not to admit them ...

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Lack of style

In the opinion of Evelina Khromchenko, the main mistake of many is bust. The fashion expert focuses on the five main points that "cheap" a woman:

  1. Improper makeup.
  2. Excessive design of nails in all its manifestations.
  3. Excessive use of rhinestones, logos.
  4. Sports suits that are not dressed for the occasion.
  5. Naked body in society.

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Modern styles of clothing Will allow each woman to pick up things that are ideally suited to her, without unnecessary details. Follow the advice of Evelina Khromchenko and remember that it is not clothes that color a person, but a man's clothes!