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Chlorophytum room

It is difficult to find a person who does not come across this plant. Chlorophytum - a habitual inhabitant of almost every house, apartment, institution ... how did he deserve this national love, in addition to being unpretentious in care and his decorative appearance?

Chlorophytum room

Chlorophytum room

many houseplants, For example, aloe, calanchoe, geranium, plump, and so on, have healing power. But, perhaps, the champion for the beneficial effect on man is still chlorophytum!

This is the ability of the plant Purify the air With phenomenal power. Like a vacuum cleaner, chlorophytum releases air in the room from pathogenic bacteria, harmful substances and various impurities, significantly increasing this oxygen content.

Chlorophytum in the apartment

It is precisely known that the green Air purifier Absorbs carbon monoxide, acetone, ammonia, benzene,Nitrogen and formaldehyde, allocating instead phytoncides, killing up to 80% of pathogens. And this radius of action of an adult plant, for a minute, is as much as 2 square meters!

It's not for nothing that specialists from nasa made a proposal to use chlorophytum to purify air at the orbital stations.

How to plant chlorophytum

Chlorophytum is indispensable in the homes of people with allergies and lung diseases, as well as in children's rooms and bedrooms.

Planting a few such fluffy "palm", you'll save a lot on expensive air cleaners. And how to do it, see the video from "so simple!".

important: All the purifying properties of the plant are "turned on" only under condition of sufficient illumination! Water timely and regularly change the soil in the pot, so that the plant perfectly developed and showed its healing qualities.

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