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The most useful applications

The main advantage of our days is certainly the Internet. The network united people around the world, and something that we had not even suspected 50 years ago became available to us.

Modern smartphones allow you to create real miracles with the help of the Internet! For example, download Free useful applications, Which will improve the quality of life at times and will help you at every step. A personal assistant in the kitchen, a personal trainer, a cardiogram in your pocket is a tiny part of everything a phone can do.

The most useful applications for android

The most useful applications

  1. Ekg at home
    Heart monitor and alive ecg - an application thatWill keep track of your heart rhythms. An indispensable assistant for various heart diseases, it is useful after the transferred operations, will help people who suffer from jumps of blood pressure.

    Single-channel electrocardiogram of highQuality will not replace the standard 12-lead ECG, but will help keep the heart curve under control. The application works with a special attachment that is attached to the phone.

    The most useful applications for android

  2. first aid
    It is short and clear First aid instructions In any extreme situation. Often the instructions are supported by clear pictures, which helps a lot in a critical situation. Such an application in the smartphone increases the sense of security!
    The most useful applications on your phone
  3. cookbook
    "The best recipes of the world", "recipes for every day", plovgotov: applications that help in culinary efforts, many.

    Step-by-step recipes with detailed recommendations for cooking, helpful tips, cheat sheet for caloric content of various products - all this you will get, just by downloading the free application.

    The most useful android applications

  4. Google fit
    An individual coach - so you can call this a clever application for a smartphone. The program will track your Daily physical activity And suggest what to do for better results.

    The smartphone will help to stick to the diet plan and set new goals: with such a partner it is much easier to lose weight and bring yourself into an excellent physical shape!

    Useful free applications

  5. Women's calendar
    A personal gynecologist-consultant who will track your cycle, calculate the days of ovulation and prompt when The probability of getting pregnant the tallest.

    This is a real treasure for all who dream of a child! The program allows you to make useful notes about your health and put reminders on taking pills.

    Interesting applications for smartphones

  6. Baby monitor
    Now it is not necessary to buy a doroguschy gadget,To watch over the sleeping baby! The smartphone will monitor the movements and babble of the child and call the number indicated by you if he wakes up. A brilliant application for parents!
    The most useful applications for android
  7. Health aggregator
    It's not really an application, it's rather a central node that collects information about you from all other applications and stores it in your phone.

    Apple healthkit help Monitor health. Weight, pulse, the number of steps passed a day, dropped and eaten calories - everything is under control! The data is stored in a virtual cloud, so you will not lose them exactly!

    The most useful applications for android

Tell me in the comments which Interesting apps You decided to install on your smartphone! Perhaps it will interest your friends, do not forget to show them our article.