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How to make meat soft

Selection A good piece of meat Akin to art: You need to come to the market on the morning, find a familiar butcher, look closely, take the time to sniff ... but in the store all this is quite problematic, there is no place for the soul to turn around. And meat of suitable quality has to be chosen already from what is.

Meat on the counter

If it happened that you got a piece of old, wiry pork or beef, do not despair. of course, Juicy steak From such meat it will not turn out, and here an excellent roast or baked meat - it is quite. "so simple!" Tell how to save the situation!

Marinade for meat

How to make meat soft

There are a number of helper products that can soften even the toughest soles, adding meat juiciness and spicy notes.

  1. bow
    No meat dish can do without a bow andOnion juice. You can cut the onions into half rings, finely chop, twist through a meat grinder or even grate (here it is, prevention of orz), then mix with meat 1: 1 and leave it for a couple of hours under yoke.
  2. mustard
    This product is an excellent companion of meat! The mustard (in the form of a powder or liquid sauce) not only perfectly softens meat fibers, but also adds a piquant aroma and light ostrinku. Just rub a whole piece of meat with mustard or immediately cut into necessary portions, standing for 15-20 minutes, then fry or send it to bake.
  3. alcohol
    Dry wine (red or white), beer andEven vodka. In the wine, soak the meat beforehand, and add the vodka (about 50 g) to the already prepared roast or stew. Beer is an excellent option for extinguishing a whole piece of pork or beef in it.

    Fears of alcohol in the dish are superfluous: it completely evaporates as the heat treatment.

  4. Lemon, pomegranate, pineapple juice
    All these juices are excellent softeners, however, using such a marinade, try not to overexpose the meat in it, so as not to get a rubber in the end.
  5. brine
    Cabbage or cucumber pickle - a great option, by the way! Gives the ostrinku and salt the dish is no longer necessary.
  6. mineral water
    This is a proven method of softening from cooks with experience, and it is better to choose a mineral water treatment-prophylactic, such as "essentuki" or "Borjomi".
  7. starch
    Try to soak the hard meat in the water with the potato starch dissolved in it - you will be surprised by the result! Juicy slices with a crisp crust are guaranteed.
  8. kefir
    Mix the fermented milk product with your favorite aromatic spices and fill this mixture with meat for a couple of hours.
  9. soy sauce
    Meat, marinated in soy sauce for 1-1.5 hours, acquires softness, rich dark color and characteristic flavor. I recommend!

Experimenting with different marinades, youBe sure to pick a variant that suits your taste. And another important point in the preparation of any meat: never and under no circumstances (if you are not going to cook a polandvice or balyk) do not salt meat in advance! Salt extracts all the juices from it before cooking.

Perhaps you have your own branded ways of cooking meat, it will be great if you share!