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Home peeling for the face

Very few people know that Face peeling, Such habitual now procedure, has appeared stillIn ancient Egypt! In the Middle Ages, progressive beauties used wine for chemical peeling: tartaric acid is an excellent active ingredient that helps to remove old cells from the surface of the skin.

After such procedure the person looks moreYoung, skin - smooth and radiant! No roughness on the surface, no peeling, cosmetics put on the face, literally melts ... today you will learn the recipe for a very simple home peeling, the price of which is negligible compared to the cost of the salon procedure. But the effect is excellent!

Home face peeling

Home face peeling

You will need

  • 1 tsp. Soda
  • A little bit of boiled water

Soda peeling Not suitable for people with sensitive, thin, drySkin of the face. If you have a normal, mixed or fatty skin type, be sure to try this miracle remedy! See a detailed video on how to align the skin, make it soft and young.

After carrying out a house peeling do not forget,Please apply a moisturizer to the skin: this will help to protect the face from irritation and redness. Depending on the individual characteristics of your skin, do soda peeling 1-2 times a week.

I do not doubt that the result will be impressive, and you will want to tell your friends about this wonderful tool!