/ How to clean an apartment quickly

How to clean an apartment quickly

Who of the mistresses does not dream of a fairy magic wand, so that with one stroke of her, all the chores in the house would be instantly altered!

While such a device remains beyond the reach of what is achievable, "so simple!" Proposes 7 tips for easier cleaning And save time. You will be surprised, but such trifles really make life easier!

How to clean an apartment quickly

  1. Shelves and bottom of containers in the refrigerator Plastic mats for serving: So you easily remove the dirt by simply changing the paper layer. Of course, this does not save you from the need for regular cleaning, but will greatly facilitate it.
  2. Purchase (you can even sew it yourself) Pendant organizer pockets: Very convenient for storing small things. I hung such from the inside door of the wardrobe and never regretted it!
  3. detergents And keep the sponge in one basket. Next time you will not have to find the right thing.
  4. If there is no possibility (or desire) to wash the dishes Immediately after eating, do not forget to soak it. Do not then have to rip off the remains of food from the plates ...
  5. If you want the freshly washed linen to smell longer, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the laundry detergent. This trick also will prevent the reproduction of mold in the typewriter.
  6. So that Stainless steel sink It did not darken, and the plaque did not accumulate on it, every time after washing dishes, wipe it with a sponge soaked in acetic essence. Then you do not need to use aggressive cleaning agents.
  7. And the last trick. psychological. During regular cleaning, before cleaning any object, turn it on timer, Highlighting the case for 5 minutes. You will be surprised how quickly you can do the work, when the time allotted for it is strictly limited!

All these tricks are easy to implement. And if they become a habit, you will see how much less time will be needed for cleaning the next time. Now you can relax and immerse yourself in reading your favorite book!

Try out these tricks and make sure. What they should share with others!