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How to relieve stress

We all will certainly help this exercise with nuts! I respect oriental medicine and I consider this method to be an excellent solution for all who from time to time experience nervous tension.

The more complex the mechanism of our society becomes, the more often we experience stress, everyday life does not spoil modern people ... now you will find out, How to relieve stress and calm nerves In just a few minutes. You need 2 walnuts and a determined mood!

The method will act instantly: We will massage the palm with walnuts. To the shell so nice to touch! This natural material can not be compared to any other massager for acupuncture points.

How to relieve stress

How to relieve stress

On our palms there are active points responsible for the work of internal organs. By clicking on them, you can get rid of various diseases!

Exercise efficiency with nuts orientalMedicine explains that mental activity is controlled not by the head, but by the internal organs: energy lurks in the lungs, the mind in the heart, the spirit in the liver, the will in the spleen, and the desire to reach the goal in the kidneys. Between the fingers and nerves, there is a close relationship, therefore, for rapid calming, it is necessary to perform the following exercises.

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Exercises for quick relaxation

  1. In each palm take 2 nuts and make them circular motions.
  2. Place the nut on the active point located on the inner surface of the wrist in the depression between the tendons, lightly press it with the palm of the other hand and make a circular motion with the nut.
  3. Lightly massage the tips of the little fingers with the fingers of the other hand.

Stress and tension Arise when a person does not listen to his inner voice, does not pay attention to his true feelings. Remember that the source of harmony and balance is already in you!

How to calm nerves

Each of us is a lonely samurai, in his heartWhich has a place where you can relax and find harmony. Do not necessarily leave somewhere, distracted from the burdens of life, and forget yourself in the whirlwind of entertainment. Sometimes it's enough to calm your eyes and just think about something really beautiful!

Finger exercises with nuts will always help inAn emergency situation, when you need to quickly calm down. It's a good idea to wear a couple of nuts in your purse! Check this technique and be sure to share it with your friends.