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Decorating the walls with flowers

These guys know, How to decorate a wall In the most delicious way! The idea that interested me today is simple, but worthy of close attention of all who appreciate beauty.

It seems to me, it's hard to find a way to improve your house, which would be better. I adore the natural elements in the interior design, but this is something quite out of the ordinary ...

Wall decoration with flowers

  1. Overlaid panels with special pockets are similar to flower pots attached to the wall of the house.
    How to decorate a wall with your own hands
  2. Panels are made of Reinforced fiberglass. They provide holes for water drainage, as in real flower pots!
    How to decorate the wall of a house
  3. Kind of fantastic ... you can plant any plants in these intricate pots: both ornamental flowers, and edible greens, and small trees.
    Decorate the wall with flowers
  4. What a wonderful decoration of a bare wall! What exactly to plant, it is better to ask someone who knows, if you do not have enough experience in this matter. If you choose unpretentious green friends, they do not have to water more: rain water will be enough!
    Wall decoration with flowers
  5. This project is called a pocket panel, it was designed in southern Korea and is aimed at gardening of dwellings in urban conditions.
    How to decorate a wall photo
  6. I fell in love at first sight in this beauty! Really want to arrange a paradise in the country ...
    Decoration of the wall
  7. Of course, behind this facade you need additional care: the wall is snow-white. But all efforts are worth it, then to admire the wonderful plant.
    Wall decor flowers
  8. If you wish, you can do all this on your own wallPrivate house or villa! Paint the wall in other colors and shades to hide the drips, remove the drainage inside, make a waterproofing of the greened part of the wall.

    The idea itself is beautiful, and if you try, everything is possible.

    How to decorate a wall

I would be pleased to contemplate such a Decoration of walls in my city. If you really liked the original decision of designers, quickly show this article to your friends. Surely it will inspire amateur gardeners!