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How to return the whiteness of things

Unfortunately, with time White things They tend to lose their tidiness and whiteness. Many housewives in the attempt to restore the old radiance of clothes digest it or whiten it with the help of "whiteness".

But such methods of struggle often result in the fact that the tissue loses its strength and quickly breaks. Today "so simple!" Will reveal the secret, how to give the products of light fabric a second life!

How to whiten things at home

How to return the whiteness of things

You will need

  • Potassium permanganate crystals
  • laundry soap


  1. Pre-soaking white things in the water, you must carefully soap them with laundry soap, paying special attention to places where there are spots.
  2. Then it is necessary to dilute a small amount of potassium permanganate in a glass of water. Should get a liquid of a dark purple color.
  3. Then you should take a large bowl and pour a sufficient amount of water there, so that it then completely covers the things.
  4. Then you need to add diluted potassium permanganate into the bowl and mix the water until a uniform color is obtained.
  5. After these manipulations you need to put the soaped things in a bowl with prepared water and leave them there for 2 hours.
  6. After two hours, rinse things with warm water.

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