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Skin Care

Unfortunately, no matter how much we pay attention to Body hygiene, There will still be places that will not beIdeally clean. As a result, our body becomes an excellent home for dozens of species of bacteria. Even people who take a shower two or even three times a day often ignore one important part of the body.

The dirtiest part of the human body

Today we will talk about the navel. According to scientists, it is this part of the human body that is the most polluted. Often the navel has the form of a small hollow, because of which it is peculiar to accumulate dead skin cells, villi, tissue particles and soap residues. This creates ideal conditions for the development of microbes.

Body skin care

To prevent the development of infection and problemsWith health, you need to carefully care for the navel. Each time before taking a shower, you should wipe this area with a cotton swab with a small amount of alcohol.

The dirtiest part of the human body

Directly during Showering It is necessary to put on a tampon a shower gel and to wipe a navel once again. At the end of the procedure you need to wash off the gel residue and wipe the area with a cotton towel.

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