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How to check eggs for freshness

The door of the refrigerator of each self-respectingHousewives always decorate slender rows of chicken eggs. And for good reason! This is a universal ingredient of a wide variety of dishes, whether it's a simple fried egg, an egg poached or a very sophisticated pastry.

And the main criterion for evaluating eggs is, of course, theirfreshness! Because a rotten egg will not exactly make a good dish. But how to determine the freshness of this product? To answer this question and keep the family healthy, a simple experiment will help you. Such a Check eggs Take literally a minute of time, but will save you from trouble ...

How to check eggs for freshness in water

How to check eggs for freshness

You will need

  • Deep bowl
  • cold water
  • Eggs

Checking eggs for freshness

  1. You just need to put the eggs on the bottom of the bowl and pour water.
  2. Eggs that float to the surface should be discarded immediately!
  3. Those eggs that will be on the bottom, but will assume an upright position, are not so fresh, but they are still suitable for food.
  4. But the eggs, which lie calmly on the bottom in a horizontal position, are the freshest.

When the eggs are no longer the first freshness, they lose some of the moisture, as a result of which they fill with air, which is why they come up.

In this video you'll see, How to check the freshness of eggs in water. This visual guide can one day save the health of your entire family! Because eating stale eggs is extremely dangerous ...

Caution! Stale eggs can be poisoned, do not eat them in any way. You'll still be lucky if you get rid of nausea: a spoiled product can cause serious health problems ...

Show close visual instructions for checking eggs for freshness, you need to know about it to everyone!