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Errors in the interior

Many of us have experienced a problem Interior design Own dwelling. It is necessary to give enough attention and efforts to this process to make the apartment or house really cozy. Today we offer your attention a few tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes in interior design.

Mistakes in the interior

  1. Cords from electrical appliances
    Wrong location of outlets in the finalThe result can lead to the fact that the entire living space will be entangled in a huge number of wires. It's great when there is an opportunity to think about placement of the outlets at the initial stage of repair.

    But if you moved to a ready home, it is better to completely stop using certain devices than to constantly stumble on the cords that fall under the feet.

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  2. Inappropriate decor on the walls
    It is worth not to use the wallDecor, bought somewhere in the transition. Calendars, posters, rustic landscapes and a variety of stickers can negate the efforts of even the most professional designer.

    To decorate the walls it is better to choose family photos or drawings of children, printed on canvas. Also in special workshops for you can make a professional collage of your favorite pictures.

    How to make a beautiful interior in the house

  3. The presence of excess surfaces
    In a well-designed interior should beThere is enough space for storing necessary things. Believe me, the presence of extra shelves, cabinets, tables sooner or later will lead to the fact that they will receive unnecessary trash.
    How to make a beautiful interior in the house
  4. Complex curtains
    Excessive drapery along with blinds can spoil even the most Good interior. Try to choose simple curtains in calm pastel colors without unnecessary decorations.
    How to make a beautiful interior in the house
  5. Bright textiles
    Bright colors can be quite appropriate in the interior. But often attempts to make bright colors in the design of the dwelling end in a fiasco. It is better to use calm tones when creating an interior.
    How to make a beautiful interior in the house
  6. Pity for souvenirs
    Many of us have been kept on shelves for a long timeA variety of souvenirs: piggy banks, frames, figurines, plates, vases that do not do any good, but only collect dust. If you want your home not to resemble a storehouse of Chinese goods, you should immediately get rid of such rubbish.
    How to make a beautiful interior in the house
  7. Sports equipment that nobody uses
    Often a couple of months after the purchaseSports simulator many lose interest in it. Soon it turns into a comfortable clothes hanger, which does not paint the interior in any way. If you do not touch the simulator for more than a month, it is better to give it away or sell it to those to whom it really will benefit.
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  8. Monochrome interior design
    Fear of using different colors for decorationDwellings can lead to the fact that the walls, floor, furniture and even your cat will be of the same shade. A win-win option will be the choice in favor of the uniformity that will serve as a backdrop for bright interior details.
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  9. Unsystematic storage of things
    Scattered everywhere magazines, stacksDocuments and newspapers, which your grandmother collected still, will not decorate the interior of the dwelling. It is worthwhile to allocate a little time to systematize all the papers, folding them into folders.
    Unsuccessful interior design
  10. Accessories for pets
    Often many pet loversBuy for their pet small houses, beds, litter and nails in pet stores. Unfortunately, they do not always fit into the interior of a certain dwelling, and in the end the owners just get used to the fact that a miserable house for a cat spoils the entire luster of the decoration.

    But do not give up, because you can order this piece of furniture privately.

    Unsuccessful interior design

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