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Haircut for hair volume

Many women are wondering, How to increase the volume of hair. When the hair is thin, any hair looks dull, because there are so many special tools for styling, designed to increase the amount of curls.

German stylists are still inventors. They decided the question of insufficient volume of hair in the most unexpected way! Looking at the hair done in the salon m & m friseure, I immediately began to dream of this ...

Haircut for volume of hair photo

Haircut for hair volume

Such in our beauty salons you will not see! Haircut for medium hair, giving volume, Is done very quickly. With clever movements, the master divides the client's hair into 4 strands and fixes them vertically with the help of hair spray.

A few precise movements, and the tails are cut! The result - a chic multi-level hairstyle, which looks volume and alive. I'll show this video to my hairdresser!

Multilevel hairstyles - in the trend of 2017. If the hair is trimmed in this way, they look more magnificent: even to straight locks such a procedure is beneficial!

Multilevel hairstyle for medium hair

Do not forget only one thing: To choose a hairstyle is necessary not only in accordance with the fashionable trends of today, but also considering your type of face! Because what ideally fits one woman, the other can look absolutely ridiculous ...

Multilevel hairstyle for long hair

Show this video to your friends, I have no doubt that this method of cutting will impress them and inspire you to experiment with your image!