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Application of cloves

In each kitchen you can find a jar with undiscovered flower buds Clove. Today edition "so simple!" Invites you to look at this spice in a new way. Because these inflorescences are famous for the whole world not only with a fragrant aroma and burning taste, but also with medicinal properties.

Application of carnation

  1. Not everyone knows that this spice has a bactericidal effect: cloves disinfect, suppress the reproduction of microbes, fungi, and also treat bacterial infections.
    Properties and application of cloves
  2. Cloves have an antiviral effect. No, this spice does not inhibit the multiplication of viruses, but thanks to the vitamins it contains, it provides excellent prevention of many diseases.
    Properties and application of cloves
  3. Cloves have long been used as a Anthelmintic. In the buds of a carnation contains a special substance -Eugenol, which disastrously affects the round, ribbon and flat worms. Preparations based on cloves do not harm our body. For more rapid withdrawal of helminths and their eggs with calves, doctors recommend the use of cholagogue funds in addition.
    Properties and application of cloves
  4. Carnation - an excellent detoxifierOrganism. To achieve this effect, you need to make tea with cloves and ginger. Put 1 teaspoon of crushed black tea leaves into the kettle, the same amount of grated ginger, a few clove buds and a couple of cardamom cores.

    Pour a mixture of 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist tea for 30 minutes. Drink the drink in small portions throughout the day.

    Properties and application of cloves

  5. Cloves also have an antispasmodic effect: Special substances that are contained in it, can remove the spasm of muscles and blood vessels. This effect is extremely useful in asthmatic bronchitis, painful spasm and hypertension, accompanied by vascular stress.
    Properties and application of cloves

The latest research of scientists in the field ofAnticarcinogenic agents have shown that carnation buds are effectively fighting the growth of cancer cells! So you should add this spice as often as possible to tea, meat or fish dishes.