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Facial massage from wrinkles

Italian face massage - a unique technique that will allowQuickly rejuvenate the skin. It suits even business women, because it takes a few minutes! Start doing it every morning, and you will notice how the skin will come into tonus, the wrinkles will disappear, and the oval of the face will become clearer.

Before making a light massage, apply onFace moisturizer. We will work on the skin with pattings, tweaks and pressure. Patting is performed with fingers and palms, tweaks with thumb and forefinger, and pressing with index and middle fingers.

Rejuvenating massage photo

Face massage from wrinkles

  1. Start Slap one's face From the chin to the scalp. Producing light pats with the pads of the fingers, then intensifying the effect on the skin, using the phalanxes of the fingers and palms.

    The first stage of massage Should last approximately 2 minutes. Image number 16 shows the massage lines, which are worth a walk. This is normal if the face slightly reddens, because we improve blood circulation in both the upper and the deep layers of the skin!

    Wrinkle massage photo

  2. Facial massage at home, Of course, a saving procedure for everyone who does not have the opportunity to regularly visit beauty salons. This is a cheap and effective way to look younger!

    Second stage of massage Not only contributes to increased blood circulation inZone of facial wrinkles, but also provides an outflow of lymph. Perform horizontal tweaks along the lines indicated in image No. 16. for 2 minutes, produce light tingle along the lines of facial wrinkles shown in images No. 17 and No. 18.

    1 minute, perform strong tweaks from the wings of the nose to the cheekbones along the lines depicted in Figure 19.

    Facial massage against wrinkles

  3. The third stage of massage - pinpoint pressure along the cheek lines and aroundeye. Should start with small pressure and gradually move to stimulation more strongly - pressure that lasts for 3 seconds. Focus on the lines shown in Figure 20, the total duration of the third stage of the massage is 2 minutes.
    Rejuvenating massage
  4. The final stage of the massage!! Walk around the points of beauty depicted in Figure 21. Within 1 minute, stimulate them with gentle pressure.

    Then within a minute, press on the tonic points shown in Figure No. 22.

    Complete the rejuvenating massage by lightly patting the pads on the massage lines shown in Figure No. 23.

    Face massage photo

now you know, How to do face massage. This procedure will give the skin firmness, relieveFrom wrinkles, will revive the face and return to it a healthy color! If you conduct such an uncomplicated procedure on a regular basis, you will not be disappointed in the result. The rejuvenating effect will be reflected in the compliments that surround you!

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