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Dangerous toys

This article is a reminder to parents, grandparents of children that one should always be on the alert! When dealing with a very small person, remember his safety constantly.

Children actively explore the world around them, and thisEntails risk of injury. Babies fall from the changing tables, kids are a little older get out of the crib and manage to climb into the most inappropriate places. They climb to a dangerous home appliances, they can put something in the socket.

You occupy the child with bright toys and calm down: at this moment you can rest, nothing terrible will happen ... but, alas, even in this situation it is necessary to observe precautions and Monitor the safety of the child, Otherwise there can be trouble.

Dangerous toys photo

Dangerous toys

We know that there are Harmful toys - substandard, made from toxicMaterials, negatively affecting the health of the child. Such toys can cause a number of diseases, but not the cause of death. Quite another matter - musical and moving toys with tiny batteries inside.

It is worth remembering what the child can take outBattery from such a toy. The desire to learn how an exciting thing works is too great. And still children like to try everything on the taste, studying the world: a child can swallow a small battery without ceremony!

This picture, without any doubt, is disgusting. Here is a sausage in which a battery was stuck: that's what happened to the meat in 2 hours.

Dangerous children's toys

If the child swallows Button battery, The irreparable will happen. This sweet girl died because of the inattention of her parents. Such things happen, and it is important for us to know about them in order to protect our loved ones from misfortune!

Dangerous toys for the child

Not less than Dangerous toys for children - those that have small parts. The child can swallow a small element, choke and suffocate.

Share with your friends an important reminder ofSecurity! I hope you will forgive me for the fact that there is such a horrible picture in the article: this image will attract more attention to information that can save the life of many kids.