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Crack on the car glass

None of the motorists is immune to minor troubles on the road: even with the most neat driver with time on the body of the car appear mechanical damage.

Crack on the glass

Jumped out from under the wheels of a small pebble may pour into Crack on the windshield, Terribly annoying and disturbing to enjoyDriving. Of course, you can not cope on your own with all the mechanical damages. But the cracks on the windshield can be completely eliminated with their own hands.

Crack on the glass

Crack on the car glass

When a crack on the car glass appears, it is especially important as soon as possible Commence repair workSo that it does not "crawl" further.

You will need

  • Photopolymer glue
  • Injector (metal or plastic)
  • Liquid for surface degreasing and special wipes
  • electric drill
  • air pump
  • applicator
  • scraper
  • UV lamp
  • Polish

Auto glass repair kit

How to glue a glass

  1. Carefully wipe the glass with a clean rag. To remove all dust, use an air pump, then degrease the surface using acetone or alcohol.
    How to seal a crack
  2. Treat the edges of the crack with a scraper.
  3. To loosen the glass, at a distance of 2 mm from the(On both sides or at the end of each branch), make a hole with an electric drill. After this, pressing on the chip, push the crack to the holes.
    How to seal a crack
  4. Attach with special applicators to the glass surface injector. So that the suckers snug against the glass, smear them with petroleum jelly. The injector should be perpendicular to the glass just above the dent or crack. Now you can pour a photopolymer glue.
    How to seal a crack
  5. Remove the injector only after the full infusion of glue. The glue itself will dry for about 48 hours. You can reduce the drying time by 3 times, using Ultraviolet lamp.
    How to seal a crack
  6. After the glue has dried, polish the surface with a special polish for glass.

Take into account that a car with such a glass should be driven especially carefully and avoid strong temperature changes.

If the crack is too large and is in the zoneCleaning by the wiper on the driver's side, according to "safety requirements for the technical condition of vehicles" the glass is to be replaced, as it can cause poor visibility on the road and lead to an accident.

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