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How to choose clothes

We recently communicated with the employee, and she calledOn how difficult it is to find quality, beautiful clothes in our city. The prices for clothes are just cosmic, but the impressive amount, alas, does not guarantee the quality and decent appearance of the thing ...

How to look expensive and at the same time save money? How to choose inexpensive, but at the same time Presentable things? Having become acquainted with these practical tips, you will learn to make a choice in favor of an optimal purchase and find your thing!

How to choose clothes

  1. material
    The fabric from which clothes are made is the first thing to look at. Choose Jersey, Which combines natural and synthetic fibers. It is better to choose a sweater with cashmere content, at least minimal.

    When buying silk and satin products, pay attention to the fact that cheap fabrics glitter very defiantly, while expensive ones look a little dull.

    Choose jeans fabric with a high contentCotton yarn. Pleasantly surprises the quality of modern kozhzam: these fabrics look no worse than natural leather, reminding it both in structure and tactile sensations.

    How to choose clothes in the store

  2. sewing
    Always pay attention to sewing! If the thing is sewn inaccurately, it will look awful ... check the details: the line must be flat, the cuts are processed by the overlock. Zippers are sewn without untidy tails, and symmetrical elements (buttons, loops, darts and pockets) should be on the same level.
    How to choose clothes in the store
  3. Fittings
    Not everything is gold that glitters! Golden glitter attracts, but such details can cheapen even very decent clothes. Do not choose clothes with bright yellow ornaments, it is better to prefer reserved pink, pale yellow, white tones.

    Remember that good things never differ in the abundance of accessories, especially large ones. The attention of designers is focused on the excellent cut!

    How to choose quality clothes

  4. the form
    Quality thing always keeps in shape! This is the law. It is worth paying attention to the shape of the handbag you are buying. Rectangular models always look expensive, shapeless and baggy have a negative effect on the overall image.
    How to choose the right clothes
  5. color spectrum
    Bright, neon colors very often indicateA forgery and a cheap thing. Expensive brands and high-quality clothes are characterized by deep saturated shades - the color of Berlin azure, burgundy, emerald, purple, coal-black, pastel palette, sand and coffee colors.
    How to choose things

So that Choose good things, Which are suitable for you, it is important to take into account individual characteristics. This video will teach you how to choose things by the type of figure! Clothing in this case will look good.

Thanks to these simple tips Choose the right things And everyone can look expensive! Share with your friends a useful article, for sure they will also be interested to read it.