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Ointment from cracks on the heels

Strong Coarsening of the skin of the feet Is a common problem. The reason for this may be individual predisposition, lack of vitamins, uncomfortable shoes, improper hygiene or fungal disease.

Cracks against heels

If not on time To reveal the cause of coarseness And not to take the necessary measures, over time the skin will inevitably begin to crack, causing not only aesthetic discomfort, but also tangible physical pain.

Cracks against heels

If you need an effective remedy that removes coarser skin, healed the cracks and rid you of the fungus, "so simple!" Knows this. After the first application of it you will return softness to your heels!

Cracks against heels

Ointment from cracks on the heels

The composition of the ointment includes an egg (a source of lecithin -Wound healing and regenerating substances), butter (intensively softens, nourishes, vitaminizes), as well as vinegar, which removes dead skin cells and has antifungal properties.


  • 1 egg
  • 70% acetic essence
  • 200 g of butter


  1. egg Wash it, put it in a glass and fill it with essence so that it completely covers the egg. Leave in a dark place for 5 days.
  2. At the end of this period, you will see that the shell has dissolved and descended a cloudy sediment.
    Cracks against heels
  3. Gently get a spoonful of egg (from the action of vinegar it will be a bit like boiled) and put in another container. Remove the film, and mop the egg with a spoon, adding a precipitate so Vinegar, Who stayed in the glass.
  4. Add the butter and mix everything thoroughly. The finished ointment is transferred to a closing container and stored in a refrigerator.

Before applying the ointment, be sure to dry fresh cracks to avoid burning. Apply a tool to the healing cracks and hardened areas, avoiding places where the skin is more tender.

Before going to bed, break your legs into A tray with salt, Wipe dry. Grease the areas needing treatment, prepared with ointment, put plastic bags on your feet, and on top your socks. You can go to bed.

Cracks against heels

In the morning, wash your feet in warm water with soap, gentlyScraped off dead skin and smeared feet with nourishing cream. Repeat the procedure until the desired effect is obtained. Usually after the second session the cracks are fully tightened, and the heels acquire extraordinary softness!

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