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Home detox

Foot bath Not only relieve muscle tension and puffiness, it's also a great way to heal the whole body!

Through the skin of the foot can cleanse the body ofToxins at home. There is no easier way, and it is surprisingly effective. I spend this procedure twice a week: I got rid of pressure spikes, improved the skin condition, it became easy to fall asleep in the evenings. I recommend to try!

Detox at home

Home detox

You will need

  • hot water
  • 0.5 tbsp. Sea salt
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • olive oil

Order of procedure

  1. Perches foot in a basin with hot water and essential oil. Steam your feet for 10 minutes.
  2. Put on the wet feet sea salt and wrap them with a warm towel.
  3. Hold your feet in the towel for another 10 minutes, then rinse them with iced water. Grease the skin with olive oil.

This bath helps me always when II start getting flu. At the first signs of the disease I break my legs well and do a salt wrap in the evening, and in the morning I wake up healthy! So simple Detox of the body Proved to be a very effective tool.

On the stops there are active points corresponding toFor the well-coordinated work of the excretory system of the body. Through the pores at the feet stops the stagnant toxins, so the blood is purified, immunity rises, the body is refreshed. This manipulation is also extremely useful for the skin of the legs: cracks on the heels and on the paws gradually disappear!

Any hydrotherapy has a good effect on the nervous system, and healthy nerves are the key to overall well being! Share with those who are close to this advice, show your concern for them.