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Host bed for dog

We all have repeatedly heard that you can not invite yourDog on the bed. Many believe that the animal brings to bed dirt, which adversely affects human health. Legends have been about this for many years. But what if you become aware that this is not entirely true?

Dog bed for a dog

There are several weighty arguments whyIt is worth letting your four-legged friend into bed. This moment of tenderness not only positively affects the health of the owner, but also benefits the animal! And who does not want to do everything to make your beloved dog happy?

I appeal to all lovers of dogs who love to sit comfortably next to a warm, fluffy pet at the end of a hard day. keep up the good work! This increases the chances of more deep sleep, And we all know that a good rest is a guarantee of a productive day.

  1. Dogs bring us peace of mind
    It is unknown whether it is body heat, or rhythmic breathing, but there is still something soothing in the dogs. They somehow make the bed even more cozy!
    Can I sleep with a dog in one bed
  2. Dogs help fight insomnia
    The presence of pets relieves stress, brings a sense of calm and safety. They initially set us up for a productive vacation!
    Can I sleep with a dog in one bed
  3. Lynching with them in bed, you can get rid of stress and anxiety
    As practice showed, the presence of a four-footed pet in bed is the best remedy for stress. The positive attitude of the dog is very contagious, and the attention paid to the animal is beneficial.
    Can I sleep with a dog in one bed
  4. They are a source of heat
    The body temperature of the dog is higher than the temperatureHuman body. As a result, a small heater appears in the bed. And if in the summer it brings inconvenience, then who will refuse a drop of natural heat on a cool night?
    Can I sleep with a dog in one bed
  5. Dogs help fight depression
    One of the things that dogs give likeIt is unconditional love. For a person trying to overcome depression, it's difficult not to pay attention to this sincere trait of the animal. If you receive such a stream of infinite love, a miracle will happen to you even in the most unfavorable times.
    Can I sleep with a dog in one bed
  6. They bring a sense of security
    It's always nice to know that at the moment when you are most vulnerable, there is a loyal friend nearby. Dogs have very good hearing and scent and tend to distrust strangers to protect the host.
    Can I sleep with a dog in one bed
  7. Joint sleep is good for animals
    For the dog there is nothing in the world anything more important than the owner. Allowing animals to spend extra time with you, you make them happy. Besides, they, like you, get a sense of calm. So joint sleep benefits everyone!
    Can I sleep with a dog in one bed

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