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Chinese Numerology

«9 stars» - An ancient Chinese method of knowing yourself. This unique system combines numerology and astrology. The astrological technique "9 stars" allows you to find out the strengths and weaknesses of a person, and also gives advice on health promotion.

Chinese numerology

Today we will tell you how to find out your personal Number of destiny. This number will indicate who you are inThis moment, and tell you where to move on to realize yourself in your personal life and career. Use the convenient table to find the year of your birth. The number that stands near the desired date, and will be the personal number of your destiny.

Method of knowing yourself. Nine stars

  1. Star number 1
    People who are under the influence of this star,Extremely communicative and emotional. This is one of the most sensitive natures, which is characterized by increased anxiety. Often people who are run by the No. 1 star love to become withdrawn and, under the influence of sad thoughts, fall into melancholy.

    These people should fight their fears, otherwise they themselves will cause their diseases. Those who are under the influence of the star number 1, you need to be wary of addictions and addictions.

    9-star technique

  2. Star number 2
    People who are under her influence,Extremely caring and diligent. Often these are loving mothers, who in the first place are the family and home. Deuces are very practical, patient and willing to make big sacrifices. Such people should be careful with their craving for food. Unfortunately, they are prone to a quick set of excess weight.
    9-star technique
  3. Star No. 3
    People born under its influence are easy to riseAnd are extremely active. They are not one of those who will sit on the ground in anticipation, when everything will be right. Threes, without waiting for someone's help, will find a way out even from the most difficult situations. Their distinctive feature is unquenchable optimism and cheerful disposition.

    Also these people are characterized by incontinence and impulsiveness. Often after such emotional outbursts they feel guilty and repent of their deeds.

    9-star technique

  4. Star No. 4
    People born under its influence do not haveOnly strong intellect, but also creative abilities. They are very similar to the threes, as they are accustomed to do everything on their own. They also like traveling, and they are easy to climb.

    Such people should be afraid of great responsibility. It is necessary to think more than once before taking on several cases at the same time.

    9-star technique

  5. Star No. 5
    People born under her protection,Extremely strong-willed and purposeful natures. They are excellent organizers, true leaders and leaders. Over time, due to the enormous responsibility that they have imposed on themselves, they tend to become isolated in themselves.

    They may even become unsociable, passiveObserving the course of events. In this case it is important to stop in time and visit a good specialist who will help to uncover a huge internal potential.

    Method of knowing yourself. Nine stars

  6. Star No. 6
    These people are predominantly maleQualities. They have an extraordinary straightforwardness and enormous willpower. People who are run by the No. 6 star are extremely hardworking and responsible. Often they are good leaders and bosses.

    Unfortunately, at times they have excessive aggressiveness and self-confidence. They very easily bend the stick, later regretting what they did or said.

    Method of knowing yourself. Nine stars

  7. Star number 7
    These people are very romantic and carefree. Often there is an impression that they are not adapted to the harsh realities of life, but this is not so. Money and material benefits of sevens almost in the first place.

    All people who are under the auspices of this star, it is worth remembering: the more you give, the more you will receive.

    Method of knowing yourself. Nine stars

  8. Star No. 8
    Such people create the impression of closed andCold personalities. In fact they are very kind, they need only help to reveal their beautiful essence. Often these people work very hard, forgetting about other areas of life. They, like no one else, should make it a rule to regularly make small breaks in work.
    Method of knowing yourself. Nine stars
  9. Star number 9
    They are active, extremely passionate and strong-willedpeople. They are able to quickly find an approach to the right person. Nines have an acute mind and lightning reaction. But excessive activity is fraught with negative consequences in the form of excessive irritation. Often they are capable of offending relatives, without even realizing it.
    Method of knowing yourself. Nine stars

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