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Than to wash fat

How much time, money and effort we sometimes spend to achieve the ideal cleanliness of some surfaces! Take, for example, Grill: Hands fall when you just look at the burnt fat ...

Fat on the grill for frying

As a rule, for Cleaning of greasy surfaces We use special products and aggressiveChemical means. No doubt, they are in the proper degree effective, but I, for example, can not stand their pungent smell, not to mention the effect on the skin (without gloves - no-no!).

Than to wash off fat

Trick that "so simple!" Hurry to show you, will allow Clean the grill Environmentally friendly and affordable way.

It turns out, using half a potato, a little vegetable oil and salt, you can make the surface for frying again sparkling!

See how to do it.

After all the manipulations with potatoes, salt and oil, you just need Wash the grate With a washcloth soapy with soap. Cool happened, is not it? Share your opinion in the comments!