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Future technologies

No political events are not able to affect our life so much as Development of modern technologies. Very soon we are waiting for amazing changes, the scale of which will impress even the most confident skeptic!

Record your own dream as a video onYoutube, implant artificial organs created with the help of 3d-printing, ride on unmanned cars that never get into an accident - we can do it all! It is difficult to remain indifferent to the topic of the future, because it is so interesting and exciting ...

future technologies

  1. TVs that are capable of roll-up
    Flexible portable screens - screens of the future. TV or computer screen can be rolled up like a morning newspaper! The secret is the use of LEDs based on polymer organic materials, which will reduce the thickness of the screen.
    Technologies of the future 2016
  2. Ultra-fast 5g-internet
    We are one step away from the networks of the 5thGeneration, 5g. Recently, the company "megaphone", the first in Russia and one of the first in the world, conducted a test of mobile data transmission at 1 Gbit / s. This is a real breakthrough in the mobile Internet! Already very soon it will be possible to download any movie from the Internet for a couple of seconds and with a single finger touching the phone's screen to inform the doctor about your health.

    The result of the "megaphone" pleases: Next year, subscribers in St. Petersburg and Moscow will be able to go online at speeds up to 900 Mbps. This is about 9 times faster than the most affordable home Internet! The future has already come ...

    Technologies of the future 2016

  3. Eternal 5d-discs
    You already have a 5d disk capable of storing dataBillions of years! A team of scientists from Southampton, who developed the disk, was able to write down on him a universal declaration of human rights, the Bible and Newton's "optics"!
    Inventions 2016 photos
  4. Unmanned vehicles
    In 2020, scientists promise the appearance of 10 millionUnmanned vehicles. Machines of the new generation will help reduce the number of deaths on the roads! The emergence of self-governing cars is perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the coming decades.
    Inventions of the future
  5. Superhuman sight
    Bionic lenses, whose active developmentNow Canadian doctors are engaged, they will improve one hundred percent vision in 3 times! The operation for finding super-vision will be completely painless, after 8 minutes the correction of vision will be completed.
    Technology development
  6. Bioluminescent trees
    With the help of implanting enzymes that some jellyfish and fireflies have, luminous trees will be created! A delightful replacement for conventional street lamps.
    New technologies photo
  7. Virtual shops
    Imagine: You just take pictures of the bar code of the goods and deliver it to your house! Such a store already exists at the railway station in South Korea. Thanks to modern smartphones and a new high-speed Internet there is nothing impossible ...
    modern technologies

Of course, the biggest changes will occurNot in the field of technology, but in our minds, in our minds and hearts. But we can say with certainty: the inventions of the future give hope that the problems that are now so exciting for mankind will be solved!

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