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Wine with honey

The liqueur glass of this drink helped meTo cope with constant pressure jumps. I drank it before dinner, because by evening the pressure usually increased ... the combination of two wonderful ingredients turned out to be miraculous! What a pity that I learned about this recipe just now - I had to start taking a useful medicine a couple of years ago.

Wine with honey recipe

Wine with honey


  • 1 liter of dry red wine
  • 500 g of honey


Mix wine with honey, pour the mixture into a glass bottle. Keep Honey elixir in a refrigerator. Drink a liqueur glass (25 ml capacity) of this remedy daily, preferably in the lunch before eating.

Therapeutic effect

  1. Regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion. It is useful for a stomach disorder.
  2. Increases the level of energy in the body, relieves fatigue, helps normalize sleep.
  3. Removes chronic conditions in liver diseases.
  4. Heated Wine with honey He coughs, removes the symptoms of colds.
  5. Useful for men: it is recommended to drink this drink when Decrease in sexual functions And hormonal failures.
  6. Wine with honey kills harmful bacteria, resistant even to antibiotics, so it is useful to drink it in chronic inflammatory processes in the body.
  7. Strengthens the cardiovascular system, Improves blood circulation. Eliminates problems with sudden pressure surges.
  8. Especially useful after a course of antibiotic treatment: wine with honey will help restore normal Miklofloru in the stomach and intestines.

Such treatment is a pleasure! Try this powerful tool that improves the body's resistance to disease and helps to cope with the problems that are already there. Wish friends good health, showing them this article!