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Secrets of cooking

We all sooner or later come across a stove. Do not like to cook, but to enjoy delicious and healthy food - everyone.

To cook quickly and delicious, do not need to be an expert, it is enough to know only a couple of culinary tricks.

"so simple!" Made up for you a collection Culinary advice, Which are owned only by experienced chefs.

Cooking secrets

  1. If you want to get a smoky scent without the help of a grill, cook the food in the brazier.
    Cast-iron brazier
  2. Before you beat the eggs, pierce the yolks with a fork, so it will be easier to mix them.
    How to beat eggs
  3. Smash egg On a flat surface, so the crack will be more even.
    Crack on the eggs
  4. Pastry dough Knead by hand. So the moisture is better distributed and the biscuit will be more lush.
    Pastry dough
  5. When preparing a bird entirely, properly pull off or even sew its abdomen with a strong thread, this will prevent the circulation of hot air inside and thereby prevent the meat from drying.
    How to cook a bird
  6. as soon as Rice Cook, leave it for ten minutes in a saucepan with a lid closed, so it will taste better.
    How to cook rice
  7. Before cooking, rinse the rice to get rid of excess starch.
    Washed rice
  8. Salt and pepper is best added at the end of the cooking.
    When to salt food
  9. Tie the stems of the herbs before adding them to the stew. So the flavor will be distributed evenly over the dish.
    The aroma of herbs in food
  10. before Cooking burgers for a hamburger, Press it to a flat surface to remove excess air.
    How to cook a hamburger

Such advice will be useful to every mistress! Do not forget to share them with your friends.