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Furniture from pallets

One of my colleagues finally moved toOwn private house. How long had he dreamed of it! Talking about the new dwelling, he shone like a dawn. Reinforced his story photos of insanely beautiful pieces ... not to share them with dear readers - a crime, I believe.

Preparing for the move, the guy for a long time gathered practical and useful ideas for arranging a house with his own hands. They have little money with the girl, because everything is quite budgetary. He already made Bed from pallets And made a small corner to relax in the fresh air. Young lady, one word! I hope you will like this entertaining collection no less than me. There is something to be inspired ...

Pallet furniture by hand

  1. Charming! For the rest of the Sultan's family, not otherwise.
    Garden furniture from pallets
  2. A magnificent bench, everything is thought out. A place for a barbecue or a flower bed - is unclear, but both ideas are good.
    Garden furniture from pallets
  3. Elegant hanger with shelves from pallets!
    Garden furniture from pallets
  4. Stylish and comfortable workplace. Compared to special tables is a mere penny!
    Pallet furniture by hand
  5. That's what I'll dream about! As many drawers in the table as possible, in order to neatly arrange everything ...
    Pallet furniture by hand
  6. Wow! How stylish it looks. And everyone can do it, from whom the hands grow from the right place.
    Pallet furniture by hand
  7. Even more order in the kitchen!
    How to make pallet furniture yourself
  8. The old barrel turns into a stylish coffee table!
    How to make pallet furniture yourself
  9. From the pallets you can even make a bar in the garden with your own hands!
    Original furniture from pallets
  10. Plants look even more beautiful in such boxes ...
    Beautiful furniture from pallets
  11. Here you can store vegetables. miracle!
    Furniture with own hands
  12. The heart stops with delight ...
    Furniture from wooden pallets
  13. In the house everything should be aesthetically pleasing and thought out! Here is the idea for the original urn.
    Furniture with own hands from pallets
  14. A small detail, but completely change the situation in the bathroom!
    Own hands from pallets

If you liked these ideas, collected with your soul, show them to your family! They will appreciate each deservedly.