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Test for thrush

Very few people know that Candida fungus Is not dangerous for our body. In a moderate amount, it is even useful, because it plays an important role in the digestive process, helping to properly digest nutrients.

But this fungus has one bad feature: when the body has a hormonal imbalance or immunity decreases, candida bacteria begin to multiply rapidly.

About the increased level of opportunistic fungus inThe body is signaled by such symptoms: allergies to certain foods, irrational irritability, cravings for sweets, vaginal fungal infections, fatigue and headaches.

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Today we will talk about Candidiasis of the intestine And learn at home to do a test forPresence in the body of an increased number of opportunistic pathogens. Initially, the fungus begins to multiply in the intestines, eventually moving into the stomach, esophagus and mouth.

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In the end, a person suffering from candidiasis of the intestine, finds in his tongue a white dense coating that is difficult to remove with a toothbrush.

Thrush test

At home you can make a test forDetermination of the candida fungus level in the body. Do the test in the morning on an empty stomach. Having prepared a glass with water, it is necessary to collect in the mouth a little saliva and spit into a container.

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If the saliva descends to the bottom of the glass with thinThreads, most likely, you have problems with the candida fungus. If the saliva has remained floating on the surface, the level of conditionally pathogenic flora in the body is normal.

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