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How best to see

Lost contact lenses or broken glasses - a situation where you do not want to be in the enemy! The whole world around turns into a blurry spot, while still somehow getting home it is necessary ...

The world through the eyes of myopic people

A simple trick based on physical laws and peculiarities of the structure of the human eye will help See clearly In an emergency situation, when neither glasses, nor contact lenses, nor even a monocle is at hand!

How best to see

Look at the cool video, which explains very clearly the principle of the action of the focus, which is necessary sometimes in life.

Surely you played like that in childhood, putting to your eyes a fictional telescope or binoculars! The above method is, of course, not designed for Treatment of myopia, But as a last resort is very useful.

So that Comprehensively improve vision, It is necessary to regularly perform gymnastics forEye, and the diet should include certain foods. Blueberries, carrots, pumpkins, spinach, broccoli, fish, cottage cheese should form the basis of nutrition. Special attention was given to products rich in vitamins a, c, e.

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