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Pharmacy products for beauty

Beauty is not an expensive pleasure. We all know the prices for your favorite cosmetics and special care products for face and body. About various medical preparations and to speak it is not necessary: ​​their cost sometimes happens simply indecent!

I want to introduce you to the available means to improve the appearance, which act efficiently and accurately will not leave you disappointed. Beauty from a pharmacy For a penny!

Pharmacy products for beauty

  1. Retinoic ointment
    The main active component - vitamin A. Soothes, relieves irritation and redness,Helps in the treatment of problematic skin and visibly rejuvenates the face. It is recommended to apply overnight or as a mask with a thick enough layer for 30 minutes.
    Pharmaceutical means for beauty for pennies
  2. Peeling with lactic acid
    The drops of "hilak forte" contain 90% Lactic acid. Perfect for conducting superficialPeeling, which will smooth the surface of the skin and lighten it. Drops can be used even for people with sensitive skin and those who are allergic to other types of peeling.
  3. Vitamin e
    Ideal for strengthening the nails and care for the cuticle! It is also recommended to rub the contents of clear capsules into the nail plates for strengthening and better nail growth.
    Pharmacy products for beauty
  4. Activated carbon
    excellent Whitens teeth!! Crumble a couple of tablets and brush the teeth with powder. Smile will shine after the first application!
  5. Syrup root of licorice
    Effective tool Against pigmentation!! Smooths the skin tone, perfectly whitens.
    Cheap pills for beauty
  6. "Clergy"
    A cream that removes stretch marks very well. Cheap pills for beauty - the present rescue, after all the special cosmetics costs impressively, but far not always copes with a problem.
  7. Burr oil
    Strengthens hair growth and strengthens them. It is best to make hair masks with a thermal effect.
    Beauty products from a pharmacy
  8. Heparin ointment
    Will help cope with swelling, remove the bags under the eyes, make the oval face clear.
  9. Aevit
    Miracle vitamins will cope even with deep Mimic wrinkles!! Crush 3 capsules, apply the contents on the face, hold the mask for 30 minutes, so that everything absorbs into the skin.
    Beauty products from a pharmacy
  10. ascorbic acid
    Face masks with ascorbic acid refreshSkin, help to improve its color and cope with various cosmetic problems. You can use the vitamin C in both ampoules and powder. Masks based on ascorbic acid will remove oily shine and help narrow the pores.
  11. iodine
    Iodine on the nail plates at night. This simple action will help to get rid of the brittle nails, they will cease to separate, they will look smooth and shiny.
    Pharmacy means of beauty
  12. "Blepharogel 1"
    Means containing hyaluronic acid. Moisturizes, removes wrinkles, very quickly acts. Apply a miracle remedy 3 times a day.

I hope this list of effective toolsIt is useful to you! I love masks based on ascorbic acid, and I also like to add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the shampoo - the hair after that becomes incredibly lush. Do not forget to show your friends this article, they just will be delighted!