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How to Eat to Lose Weight

Leo bokeria - the famous cardiologist,Professor, chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, an expert to whom many dream to get to the reception. Caring for patients, he studied the human body comprehensively and came to the conclusions that astounded modern nutritionists!

We are told that breakfast is an obligatory food intake, thanks to which the metabolism proceeds in the body correctly, and it should not be missed in any case. Leo bokeria claims that he knows, How to lose weight fast without dieting: You just need to give up the morning meal. Say that I was interested in this information - do not say anything, because it's much easier for me to skip breakfast than dinner.

Leo bokeria about breakfast

How to eat to lose weight

"Breakfast eat yourself - it's absolute nonsense, there isIn mind a full breakfast. Because you are awake, the body begins to come to working condition, you sit down at the table, eat a plate of meat, flour, drink a large glass of something. Then you dress, go to work - and which one of you is an employee? Purely physiologically.

I was very long time, when it startedSoviet-American cooperation, drew attention to the fact that very well-known surgeons, at best, drank a small cup of coffee in the morning. all! At noon (this is what they call lunch) is some kind of sandwich.

And in the evening he comes home, normally eats, thenGoes to the pool, swims, reads something ... so breakfast - give to the enemy, at lunch - take a break, in the evening (but not deep in the evening) - normally eat, and then - physical education. According to my observations, in countries where people live long - they live like that ... "

Leo bokeria about nutrition

David Levitzki from Cornell University heldComprehensive studies that show that if you skip breakfast at least several times a week, you can significantly lose weight! People who did not eat in the morning experienced an acute sense of hunger for dinner, but this did not mean at all that they ate more than others at dinner. But the calories eaten for the day, they had less than those who regularly had breakfast.

If you are thinking about what, How to eat to lose weight, Be sure to try such a power scheme. Contraindications are available only for people with diabetes, who need to monitor blood sugar levels. For the rest it's a perfectly acceptable plan!

So that the results are better, borrow at leastMinimum physical exertion and try to avoid certain foods. To them leo bokeria reckons processed cheese curds, muesli, sausage, instant porridges, cheese cakes, packaged juices.

Leo bokeria tips

Thin people Know how it's nice to be happy with your body and be proud of your willpower. Try this technique of an eminent physician, this is one of the easiest ways to control your weight, about which I know!